4-H Clubs

What are 4-H Clubs?

4-H clubs are made up of area youth and their families.   The club has regular meetings where youth participate in activities and help plan upcoming events.  The 4-H clubs are not only active within their own community, but they are also involved in activities involving the entire county.  Being a member of a 4-H club allows youth to gain great leadership skills in a safe and fun environment.

Local 4-H Clubs

Below you will find information about each club, along with contact information for the club leader. Please note that the date and location of club meetings is subject to change, so if you are looking to visit a club meeting, be sure to contact the club leader in advance to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

  • Countrysiders
    • Club Leaders: Karyn Eckert and Nancy Graun
    • Contact Info: 715-360-1779 and 715-613-1020
    • Meeting Info: 2nd Sunday of the Month @ 5:00 in Medford
  • Diamond Lakers
    • Club Leaders: Paula Dubiak and Dorothy Halida
    • Contact Info: 715-512-0250 and 715-669-3655
    • Meeting Info: 1st Monday of the Month @ 6:30 in Lublin
  • Liberty
    • Club Leader: Kathy Schumacher
    • Contact Info: kathleenannschumacher@gmail.com
    • Meeting Info: 3rd Sunday of the Month @ 6:30 at Little Black Town Hall
  • Little Farmers
    • Club Leader: Violet Jensen
    • Contact Info: 715-748-4481
    • Meeting Info: Days and times vary
  • Little Whispers
    • Club Leaders: Cheri Klussendorf and Sara Matyka
    • Contact Info: 715-965-9075 and 715-427-3331
    • Meeting Info: 1st Monday of the Month @ 7:00 in Medford
  • Poplar Grove
    • Club Leaders: Cheryl Bolstad and Wendy Okerglicki
    • Contact Info: 715-447-5428 and 715-644-0854
    • Meeting Info: 2nd Sunday of the Month @ 7:30 in Gilman
  • Thrifty-Go-Getters
    • Club Leaders: Amanda Jensen and Arica Kreklau
    • Contact Info: 715-965-3716 and 715-560-0436
    • Meeting Info: 1st Monday of the Month @ 7:00 in Medford

Are you interested in 4-H? – Joining a club is easy!

Three Simple Steps:

  1. Find a Taylor County Club you’d like to join. Club descriptions and map.
  2. Create an account on 4-H Online
  3. Contact your Club Leader & go to your first meeting!!

After locating a club(s) that you may be interested in, reach out to the club leaders. They are happy to give you more information about their specific club. Additional information can be found in the Family Handbook 2022-2023.

Once you find a club that is right for your family sign up using the online 4-H enrollment program —  4-H Online and follow these directions in the Taylor County Enrollment Guide.  

If you would like help navigating the process, feel free to call the Extension Taylor County office for guidance. Just explain that you are looking into joining a 4-H club and we’ll connect you with the right person, 715-748-3327

Club Officers


4-H Record Books

If you have any questions regarding 4-H in Taylor County, please contact:

  • Julie Diepenbrock, 4-H Program Educator Extension Taylor County
  • Work Cell Phone # (608)381-2435
  • Office Phone: (715) 748-3327 ext. 4
  • Email: julie.diepenbrock@wisc.edu
  • Kelly Phillips, Extension Taylor County Program Assistant
  • (715) 748-3327 ext. 3
  • Email: phillips32@wisc.edu
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