Health, Families & Finances

There is not currently an educator specializing in Health, Families & Finances in Taylor County. However, many printed materials are still available. Please contact our office. You may also find useful information at the links below.

Due to the elimination of the Family Living Agent position, we will not be testing gauges for pressure canners in the Taylor County UW-Extension office after January 1, 2018. However, testing is available in some adjacent counties. Please check with our office.
UW-Extension will stll have the food preservation bulletins available for purchase.

Directory of Services for Taylor County Families (pdf.)
An updated Directory of Services for Families (and other residents) of Taylor County is available. It includes contact information in many categories: abuse/neglect/shelters; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug counseling; child care and preschool; clothing for those in need; community information referral; disaster relief; economic support; education; elderly services; employment; environmental health; farm resources; financial management; food and nutrition; foster care; health and medical services; home care; housing; legal services; libraries; mental health services; newborn services; parenting; recreation and youth; special needs adults and children; support groups; transportation; and veteran services. A list of helpful toll-free numbers is also included.


If you have any questions regarding the UW-Extension Family Living Program in Taylor County, please contact Art Lersch, Area Extension Director, 715-218-2646.