• What are Cloverbuds?
    • Cloverbuds are 4-H youth members in grades kindergarten through second grade.  Cloverbuds participate in club meetings and projects along with older 4-H members in their club.



  • What types of things can Cloverbuds do?
    • Cloverbuds explore a wide variety of topics in order for them to find their areas of interest.  A few areas crafts, science and nature, gardening, food, and music.
    • Cloverbuds have the opportunity to attend 2017 Cloverbud Day Camp, generally held in July. At this day camp, Cloverbuds will get the chance to do a few projects and activities that they can enter into the fair if they wish, and they will get the chance to meet other Cloverbuds from around the county.
    • Cloverbuds can complete the Cloverbud projects to take to the Taylor County Fair.  For a list of projects please see the Cloverbud Activity Book A (.pdf), Cloverbud Activity Book B (.pdf)Cloverbud Activity Book C (.pdf).  Cloverbuds can meet together to explore and make projects together.