How to Become an Adult 4-H Leader/Volunteer

4-H Youth Development Leaders are volunteers that are valued partners in working with youth! Volunteers help make 4-H possible. Wisconsin’s youth need your help “to make the best better.”

4-H Leaders work with UW-Extension Youth Development professionals to develop the life skills of youth members, thus benefiting the state, employers, and the economy. 4-H Leaders not only have the satisfaction of contributing to the future of young people, they also learn new skills that may advance their careers.

Wisconsin 4-H has over 16,700 adult volunteers and 5,200 youth volunteers.   Volunteers are a major reason for 4-H’s ability to reach well over 32,300 youth throughout the state.


Apply to be a 4-H Adult Leader:

 Are you an adult that is interested in becoming a 4-H leader? A 4-H leader is an approved volunteer who helps with programs in the county such as club, project, or other events.

There are four steps to becoming a 4-H leader including:

A) Signing up on 4HOnline as a volunteer, and agreeing to the Volunteer Behavior Expectations.

B) After signing up on 4HOnline, you will receive an email requesting you to submit information needed to perform a background check.

You will receive an email from GIS (General Information Services, Inc.) to request information from you to conduct a background check.

  • GIS is the vendor chosen to do the criminal background checks for UW-Extension employees and volunteers.
  • The background checks are done on a national and state level.
  • The subject line of the email should read “Action needed to complete background check for volunteering with UW-Extension.”
  • Please check your junk email folder periodically.
  • Please be assured the GIS website is a secure, encrypted site.
  • Please respond within 5 days to the request from GIS.

C) Complete the Mandated Reporter Training under the trainings tab in your 4HOnline Profile and print the certificate once you have completed the training. Bring the certificate to the Volunteer in Preparation training (step D).

D) Complete the Volunteer in Preparation training with a UW-Extension staff member by signing up for one of the upcoming trainings or contact the UW-Extension office to set up an alternative time.  Check the Taylor County UW-Extension Calendar for an upcoming 4-H Volunteer Training.


Contact the UW-Extension Office at 715-748-3327 x 4 or visit the UW-Extension office at 925 Donald St. Room 103, Medford, WI if you have further questions.