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Bird Friendly Grazing Tips

Grassland birds, such as Bobolinks and Meadowlarks, are in trouble. Their populations have undergone a steep decline over recent decades. Because most of them nest on the ground, they are vulnerable to mower blades and grazing. This fact sheet, Bird_friendly_grazing_tips, gives best practices to improve nesting success of these birds.


The Wisconsin Ideal Calving Pen Factsheet (.pdf)Calving-Pen-Factsheet.jpg Thumbnail

Feed and Forage

Focus on Forage: Feed inventory (.pdf – 2 pages)

Team Forage – UW Forage resources

Managing Your Feed Inventory A2945 (.pdf –  16 pages)

Approximate volume weights of selected feedstuffs (.pdf – 1 page) — From the Dairy Reference Manual

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