Alfalfa Stand Assessment and Alternative Forages

Several fact sheets are available on alfalfa stand assessment and alternative forages that can be planted. These include Alfalfa Stand Assessment A3620 (.pdf) The three links below feature the titled articles and also provide access to pdf versions. Forage Options Following Alfalfa Winterkill Emergency Forage Options Fall-Grown Oat Forages: Unique Quality Characteristics Forage Options by […]


Pricing Standing Hay 2019

What’s Standing Alfalfa Worth in 2019? * One of the challenges when pricing standing hay is the lack of a formal commodity market like we have for corn or soybeans. Another challenge is multiple cuttings during the same growing season versus a single year-end harvest for grain crops often with more variation in quality, as […]


Growing Industrial Hemp

Growing Industrial Hemp in Wisconsin Visit the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for information about how to grow industrial hemp under the pilot research program that was newly authorized by the Wisconsin Legislature. From the DATCP website, you may access links to additional industrial hemp information, and you may register to receive […]

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Growing Soybeans?

If you grow soybeans, UW-Extension has a new website,, dedicated to soybean research and information for growers. The site also includes information about small grains: barley, oat, and wheat. The site is sponsored by the Wisconsin Soybean Extension Program and the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board. One report on the site that may be of […]

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Pricing Hay? Try the New UW-Extension App

May 18, 2015 Contact: Greg Blonde, UW-Extension Waupaca County, 715-258-6230 or Waupaca, Wis. – It’s that time of the year when fresh mowed hay fills the air across Wisconsin, which also means many farmers and rural neighbors will be negotiating the sale of standing hay. An estimated 2.5 million acres of dry hay and […]

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Have hay to sell? Post it on the Farmer to Farmer website

While many farmers around the state may be experiencing challenges to finding hay and feed supplies, other farmers may be in the position where they have hay to sell. If you are a farmer in that fortunate position, UW-Extension’s Farmer to Farmer website serves as an excellent venue to sell your hay.