4-H Camps, Educational Travel Experiences, Fair

Why 4-H Camp?

The best gift we can give our kids is to empower them with skills that will last for a lifetime, which is why parents have been sending their kids to 4-H summer camps for decades.

4-H was founded on the belief that when kids are empowered to pursue their passions and chart their own courses, their skills grow and take shape, helping them to become true leaders in their lives, careers and communities.

4-H is grounded in a deliberate, research-backed development and delivery model, which means at 4-H camp, kids learn critical life skills like resilience and independence. If we want our kids to be able to bounce back from adversity, stress, challenges and failures, teaching them resilience is key. Having experiences outside their comfort zones help young people become more resilient, more independent and better able to plan and reach their long-term goals.

Taylor County 4-H Summer Day Camps

  • K5 – 5th grade youth (2022-2023 school year)
    • 9:00a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
    • Cost $10 (includes lunch)
    • June 27 • Wood Lake County Park, Rib Lake
    • July 13 • Medford School Forest
    • August 1 • Diamond Lake Park, Lublin
    • August 3 • Stetsonville Elementary School Grounds
  • This camp includes:
    • Foldscopes
    • Bird Feeders
    • 3Doodle Pen
    • Ocean Exploration
  • Cost for day camp is $10 and is due at time of drop off (cash or check) or can be mailed or dropped off at Extension 5-days prior day camp date.
  • Simply go to v2.4honline.com to register

Taylor County 4-H Summer Overnight Camp

North-Central Regional 4-H Summer Camp
June 14-16, 2023
Northern Lakes Impact Center
Rhinelander, WI
For youth grades 3-7 (just completed)

Join us for 3 days of FUN! Includes rock climbing, swimming, canoeing, games, campfires, and more, all in a safe and welcoming environment!!!

Need more information or help? Call 715-748-3327 or email julie.diepenbrock@wisc.edu.

Register in 4HOnline.
Cost for Camp for Taylor County 4-H members is $50 (thanks to the generosity of the Federation and a couple of other grants – the actual cost of the camp is $185). Payment is due the Taylor County Extension Office by May 31.

Click here to learn more about what 4-H Camps have to offer!

Educational Travel Experiences/Opportunities

4-H educational travel opportunities are a great way for youth to explore within and outside of Taylor County! Youth have the opportunity to travel anywhere from five miles to over one thousand miles on educational experiences within their state, around the country, and internationally. Many opportunities exist for youth to learn and explore new places!

Taylor County Fair

Bringing projects to the Taylor County Fair

Participating in projects is a way for youth to master a specific subject area that they are interested in, and then have the opportunity for it to be evaluated by a judge at a county fair. Youth also gain hands-on experience and knowledge while having fun. Taylor County Fair Entry link.

The Taylor County Fair is governed by the Taylor County Fair Board.  If you have any questions, please see the directors or call the fair office at 715-748-3348. Fair information can be found on the Fair’s website: www.witaylorcountyfair.com or on Facebook: facebook.com/TaylorCountyFair.

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