4-H Forms, Applications, & Awards


  • Record Books
    • Access Cloverbud Record Books, Grades 3-13 Record Books, Covers, and optional supplemental forms
    • A fillable pdf for the Grades 3-13 Record Book is now available.
  • Care to Share
    • What do you like about 4-H? What would you like to change? The “Care to Share” form gives people the opportunity to identify what is going well, what needs to be improved, and possible solutions. This form has been designed to provide valuable input to the Taylor County 4-H program.  Once completed, this form will be distributed to the appropriate individual or group to address the issue or concern.
  • Reimbursement Form
    • All reimbursement requests must be submitted within 30 days of the event to be considered.
  • Health Forms
    • All youth need to bring this form with them to the registration or bus-boarding site and give it to the chaperone in charge of first-aid. If there are no changes, please indicate where requested. Adults that are chaperoning should also fill out the Adult Health Form and bring with to registration or bus-boarding site.
    • Health Form Update
    • Health Form Update (Spanish)
    • Adult Health Form


  • Educational Travel Experience Sponsorship Application
    • Some 4-H educational travel experience in Taylor County are partially sponsored by the Federation of Taylor County 4-H. In recent years, sponsored travel experiences included: Taylor County 4-H Summer Camps, Wisconsin State 4-H & Youth Conference, Leadership Washington Focus, Citizenship Washington Focus, National 4-H Congress, American Spirit East, and National 4-H Conference. The Federation of Taylor County 4-H generously offers to pay 50% of the cost to youth who apply for sponsorship attend an educational travel experience. *Not all sponsorships may be possible.
    • APPLICATION: To receive support from the Federation of Taylor County 4-H, youth must turn in a record book, complete an application and complete an interview with members from the Federation of Taylor County 4-H.
    • INTERVIEWS: Interviewees can expect to be judged on interview question answers, appearance, and being on time for the interview. Youth will be notified of their interview time after applying. If youth receive financial support from the Federation, they will be required to share their experience as stated on the application.
    • PAYMENT: Participants will need to write out two checks for their educational travel experience, both made payable to the Federation of Taylor County 4-H. The first check will be made payable for the 1/2 portion of the experience.  The second check will be made payable for the other 1/2 portion of the experience. Both checks will be kept at the Extension Office in the locked safe. After youth are selected for sponsorship by the Federation of Taylor County 4-H, they will be responsible for the total cost of the educational travel experience if they are unable to attend. After returning from the educational travel experience, if no discipline is reported, one of the checks will be shredded.
    • Due: Second Monday of September
  • Federation of Taylor County 4-H Scholarship
    • The Federation of Taylor County 4-H Scholarship is for graduating seniors with at least five years of 4-H club membership.
    • Scholarship application and information: here is a version that you can print and fill in after printing: 4-H Scholarship application 2024
    • Due: April 1, 2024, in the Extension Office
  • Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Scholarship


Taylor County 4-H provides opportunities for members, volunteers, and partners to be recognized for their accomplishments and dedication to the program.

Each year a 4-H Awards Banquet is held in late Fall. Information for the banquet can be found in the September/October 4-H newsletter for the current year.  Please plan to join us for this special event to celebrate the hard work of those involved with the Taylor County 4-H Program!

  • Key Award
    • The Key Award is for special recognition to 4-H members who have shown consistent growth in their 4-H program, who have developed their leadership ability, and who have been helpful members in their club and community.
    • Members in Grades 11 and 12 who have completed at least 3 years of 4-H and 1 year of youth leadership.
    • Check the current year’s July/August newsletter to find application information.
    • The application for the Key Award is part of the requirement to receive this award.
    • Due: Second Monday in September
  • Friend of 4-H
    • The Friend of 4-H Award is a way for us to honor businesses, organizations, and individuals for their support of 4-H.
    • Submit a one page or less description of why your nominee is deserving of this award.
    • Check the current year’s July/August newsletter to find the most current information.
    • Due: Second Monday in September
  • Leader of the Year
    • If you would like to nominate a club or leader for either or these awards, send in a one page or less description of why your nominated leader or club should be selected to the Taylor County Extension Office.
    • Check the current year July/August newsletter for the most current award information
    • Due: Second Monday in September
  • Project Seals and Pins
    • Members in 3rd grade – one year past high school graduation who complete a record book and turn it in to the Extension Office will be eligible to receive seals or pins for each project they write about.
    • Check out the Record Book Page to get more information.
    • Due: Second Monday in September
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